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Deck Care and Fence Maintenance Guide

Outdoor Woodworks of Nashville wants your new fences and decks to last as long as possible. As a general rule, the proper care of your fences and decks will prolong their lives. Below are our fence and deck care tips

Tennessee Deck Care

An annual deck inspection is essential to proper deck care. Following installation, your deck should be stained, painted, or sealed to protect it from water damage.

Outdoor Woodworks of Nashville recommends the following deck inspection points:

Deck Inspection Points

Wood Deck Cleaning

Your deck should be cleaned annually. Wood deck cleaning supplies include a deck bristle brush and deck cleaner or detergent water.

Recommended Wood Deck Cleaning Method

Tennessee Fence Care

An annual fence inspection is recommended to prolong the life of your wood fence. Once installed, your fence should be sealed with fence sealant to repel water from rain and sprinklers

Fence Inspection Points

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